About AI Product Shop

This website was originally created for the purpose of demonstrating how to create and sell products that were generated by AI as part of the AI Money Machine program offered by WebStores Ltd. If has since become an actual marketplace where students of that program can be vendors and upload their own products and designs for sale to anyone interested in AI generated items.

All of the products sold at the AI Product Shop were created using artificial intelligence. Whether sold directly by WebStores Ltd or one of our vendors, AI was used to create the design. There are two primary types of products available:

1. POD or Print on Demand products. These are physical products that are produced at the time you place your order. This might be a coffee mug, apparel, or a book. Because our products are manufactured at the time you place your order, please allow 2 to 3 weeks to receive your order.

2. Digital downloadable products. These are files that can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. They might be image files, such as for cards and invitations that can be customized, or even software files, such as WordPress plugins.