Jumbo Size Kindness Mug, 20oz


Showcase the magnanimity of your spirit with our Jumbo ‘Kindness’ Ceramic Coffee Mug, designed to hold a generous 20oz (0.6l) of your favourite hot beverage. Its high-quality white ceramic and vibrant, durable ‘kindness’ themed design make every sip a testament to your boundless kindness.

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Embrace the day with our Jumbo ‘Kindness’ Ceramic Coffee Mug and let it reflect the grandeur of the kindness residing within you. This generously sized, 20oz (0.6l) mug is the perfect vessel for your favorite hot beverages, providing an extra boost of coffee for those long mornings or offering a large serving of comforting hot cocoa on a gloomy, rainy day.

Crafted from robust, high-quality white ceramic, this mug is designed to last, withstanding the rigours of daily use while maintaining its glossy appeal. The surface gleams with a pristine white sheen, ensuring it remains a standout piece in your kitchen or office.

What makes our mug unique is its exquisite ORCA coating, a technologically advanced feature that guarantees the picture-perfect quality of the printed designs. Adorning the glossy, white ceramic base is a heartwarming reminder of the ‘kindness’ theme, showcasing original artwork that is as stunningly vibrant as it is durable.

The design of the mug is completed with a C-shaped, easy-grip handle, allowing for a comfortable and secure hold, even when the mug is at its fullest. This user-friendly feature ensures you can relax and enjoy your drink without fear of mishaps, making it an excellent choice for every hot beverage enthusiast.

The Jumbo ‘Kindness’ Ceramic Coffee Mug is not just a beverage holder but a statement of your inherent kindness. This one-of-a-kind mug is an expression of your warmth, making every sip a testament to the magnanimity of your heart. So, fill up your cup with kindness and spread the joy with every pour.

Product Details:

  • Size: One size, Jumbo 20oz (0.6l)
  • Material: Durable white ceramic with ORCA coating for enhanced print quality
  • Handle: C-shaped easy-grip for maximum comfort and safety
  • Finish: Glossy, for a clean and stylish look
  • Theme: ‘Kindness’, because you carry a jumbo-sized heart filled with it
  • Perfect for: Enjoying large servings of your favorite hot beverages

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